3 Tips For Making The Best Use Of Your Dumpster Rental

12 August 2016
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Regardless of how efficient your local trash collection service is, if you are planning for a major clean out prior to putting your home on the market, you should consider renting a dumpster. Since there is likely to be a wide variety of items that you will be disposing of, it is important to be as well-informed as you can about renting dumpsters or you may risk accruing extra fees or penalties. Therefore, the following information will be very helpful.

#1-Designate Certain Dumpsters Only For Certain Items

When you are sorting through the items that you have been collecting for years, many of which have been accruing dust for almost as long as you have had them, it can be very easy to simply throw everything in one big dumpster. However, you should check the packet of information or contract you got from the company when you obtained your dumpster. It is very common for some dumpsters to only be designated for food waste and other typical garbage, while others may permit just smaller household items.

Therefore, you should be sure that unless the company you are renting from expressly allows you to do so, you should refrain from putting the remains of your quick dinner in the same dumpster as a broken lamp that you mean to fix or the car seat your oldest child used 20 years ago.

#2-Dispose Of Old Furniture Responsibly

Even though you may be able to use a dumpster to contain and remove small pieces of furniture, you could easily be charged extra if the items in question prevent the lid from fully closing. In that instance, you may want to contact a local charity and ask them to pick up any furniture items that cannot be fully broken down to fit in the dumpster with the lid down. 

If you choose to dispose of furniture or other big items in a rental dumpster, it is a good idea to ask about the largest unit. It is typically a roll-off unit that can contain up to 40 cubic yards.

#3-Secure the Dumpster

Given the amount of garbage you could quickly be placing into the dumpster, you might not even notice a few extra items going in or coming out of it. However, dumpster diving has become a popular hobby in many areas, and there is always the possibility that your neighbor could put their garbage in your bin when their own is filled up. It is best to use a sturdy lock on your rental dumpster.

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