Choosing Grinding Fluids For Your In-Garage Metalworking Business

8 November 2018
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You just started a side hustle in your garage and plan on becoming an expert freelance metalworker for friends, family members, and anyone else willing to hire you. However, you mostly have experience working with dry grinding and aren't sure whether or not wet grinding is right for you. You should seriously consider wet grinding and the types of industrial grinding oils available for your needs. Dry Grinding Isn't Always Smart  Read More 

3 Different Types Of Wire Mesh

1 October 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Wire mesh is used for a wide variety of different in industrial settings, such as for shifting and sorting through materials. There are lots of different industrial uses for wire mesh. Here are a few different types of wire mesh that you can use for industrial purposes. High Carbon Steel Wire Mesh This type of wire mesh is really popular for industrial applications. It is used for grading, crushing, shifting, sizing, and separating a wide variety of different materials. Read More 

No Cold Showers: Finding And Fixing Water Heater Problems

26 August 2018
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Hot water is one of those modern conveniences nobody wants to go without. Unfortunately, while quality water heaters can usually last many years, they can malfunction or break -- often when it's least convenient. Before calling a repair service and getting a hefty bill, consider troubleshooting and possibly repairing your water heater yourself. These are some of the most common water heater issues -- and some solutions. No hot water or not enough hot water Read More 

Dressing Up Your Yard With Precast Concrete Products

23 July 2018
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Having a yard that you can be proud to show off is important to some people and sometimes adding just the right features to the yard can give you that look you are after. There are a lot of things you can do to your yard to make it look great, and many of those things involve precast concrete items that will stand the test of time and look good for years to come. Read More 

Considering Fiberglass Grating In Place Of Steel Or Other Metal

24 April 2018
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Steel is strong and durable over time. It will not burn,  and it is heavy enough to withstand impacts and other damage. While some of those things are positives, the fact that it will rust or corrode can be tough to work with because of the weight and needs to be painted and maintained over time, make it good but not great when you need grated floors or stairs. When you are looking for an optional material, you might want to consider fiberglass grating instead. Read More