Four Essentials For Office Organization

4 June 2017
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Creating a business is hard enough, but keeping it up is just as challenging, especially if you do not have the right organization. Having great office organization is not only beneficial for you keeping your business afloat, but also for ensuring employee productivity, as well. Here are four essentials you need to consider for office organization:

  1. Office Station: First off, there should be an area that is considered the office "station." This is where the most basic essentials are kept that are used by you and your employees. This includes at least two trash bins, a paper shredder, and a bin for important paperwork. This should be stackable bins and they should be labeled so that the papers are going where they should be and nothing is lost. For example, paperwork that needs to be signed by the office manager should be in one place while the paperwork that is ready to be sent out in the mail to clients is placed in another, etc. 
  2. File Cabinets: File cabinets are needed when you have paperwork for a large number of clients. This paperwork should be organized alphabetically so they are easily accessible. Filing cabinets are the best methods of storage for this because they allow things to be easily pulled out and placed back in. When there is paperwork that is no longer needed, such as paperwork for clients you no longer work with, this is when stackable bins should be used. Since they don't need to be accessed constantly, this keeps them safely stored while not making the filing cabinet overflow. 
  3. Small Stackable Desk Storage Bins: Every desk should have at least two stackable storage bins, as well. This way, paperwork that is currently needed by specific employees is placed directly on their desk so that it is easily assessable for them. This increases productivity and navigates the tasks for them to complete that day. 
  4. Office Hooks: Finally, hooks should be installed on the walls for all loose items to be kept off the floor. It's difficult to navigate around the office when there are backpacks, jackets, and umbrellas laying around the office floor. 

When you know the four essentials for office organization, you can be sure that you are prepared for full office organization. Just be sure that you specify it to your specific needs so that it works for your business and the number of employees you have working in the office. Companies like Garland's, Inc. can assess your needs to make sure your office is fully outfitted!