Mobile Home Parts And Supplies You May Have To Go To A Specialty Dealer To Get

9 June 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


For the most part, a mobile home is just like any other home on the inside where the fixtures and features are concerned. However, there are some parts of a mobile home that are specifically manufactured to fit into that type of home. This means if you need replacement parts or home fixtures, you may not always be able to stop in and find what you need at a local home improvement store. Instead, you will likely have to visit a mobile home supply store for what you need. Take a look at some of the components you may have to get from a mobile home parts and supplies store.  

Garden Tub or Garden Tub Parts

For a lot of years, the garden tub in the master bath was a popular mobile home fixture. Even though these tubs may look like any other garden tub, many times, they are designed a slightly bit smaller or a little lighter in weight than the ones you would find at a home improvement store. because of this, if something goes wrong and you need the garden tub in your mobile home replaced or repaired, you will probably have to go to a dealer. 

Wall Paneling

Many mobile homes have walls covered in paneling instead of traditional drywall because it is faster to install during construction and lightweight. If your mobile home has paneling on the walls and you need a replacement sheet because of damage, you can sometimes find the paneling you need at a mobile home supply store. This paneling is often manufactured in large quantities and used in several homes, so finding some available to match what you currently have if your mobile home is fairly new could be a possibility. If you cannot find an exact match locally, the mobile home supply center may be able to help you get in touch with the manufacturer of your home to obtain replacement pieces. 

Exterior Siding

The siding on the outside of a mobile home is sometimes just traditional vinyl or other cladding material that you can find anywhere. However, if you want to perfectly match siding you already have, you may have to go directly to a mobile home supply store for assistance. The pieces used for mobile home siding are sometimes manufactured right at the factory where the home is built, which means you will have to go through them to get siding that is an exact match.