3 Ways To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Forklift Batteries

4 July 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Because forklifts are designed to operate inside of buildings, they run on batteries and not on gas. It is important that your forklift battery is able to last long enough for you to get your work done everyday without having to recharge the forklift battery until the end of the day. 

#1 Avoid Short Charge Periods

If you want to get the most charge possible out of your forklift battery, you should avoid charging it for short charging periods. That means that the battery for your forklift should not be plugged in during your lunch or meal breaks.

When you charge your battery for short periods of time, you are changing the way that your battery charges. If you do this all the time, you are eventually going to need to always do lots of short charges. By charging the battery for short little bursts instead of one good long charge, you are using up the charge cycle on the battery. The battery will not charge as effectively and will not last as long when you engaging in opportunity charging. 

#2 Keep The Water Levels Up

When a forklift battery is in operation, it heats up water and splits the water into oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen element goes to the negative plate and the oxygen element goes to the positive plate. Overtime, water evaporates and sometimes even spills out of the battery. When the water levels get too low, it can leave the positive and negative charge plates exposed, which can cause them to dry out and cracked when being used.

This can destroy your battery, which is why at the end of the day, when you charge your battery, you should check the water level and add some extra distilled water if you see the water level has gotten lower. Just be careful that you don't add more water than needed; pay attention to the water fill line. 

#3 Charge Before Empty

You should charge your forklift battery at the end of the day so that the battery has the entire night to re-charge and can engage in a nice long charge cycle that will leave the battery completely charged. This will train the battery for long-charge cycles and allow you to get more charge cycles out of your forklift battery. 

You should charge the battery on your forklift when it only have about one-fifth of its battery life left. It is not good for the battery on your forklift to get all the way down to empty; this results in what is known as deep charging which can cause the battery to get really hot and even compromise the way that your forklift operates when running on a really low charged battery.