Renting And Reserving A Crane In Advance: Reasons Why This Is A Good Idea

27 November 2017
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Crane rental services generally cover the rental, delivery, repair, and retrieval of cranes. However, some crane rental companies also offer reservation services. This is an excellent alternative to renting a crane up to and through the date would need it as reserving the crane saves you a lot of money. Here is a little more on how crane reservations and rentals work, and more reasons why this is a good idea.

Making a Crane Rental Reservation

When you find a crane rental company that accepts reservations for advance rentals, call them and book the time frame of when you want to rent the crane. The company will look at its current reservations to see if they can accommodate you. You pay a security deposit to hold a crane for the days you need it, and then just go back to work as usual. When the day arrives to get the crane, the company will call you to remind you, and then deliver it to the work site. You pay the bill in full for the days you expect to use the crane (i.e., the reservation time), and then the rental company will come on that final day to collect it. 

Reasons Why: You Never Pay More Than You Need To

Let's say that you need a crane two months from now and you know that you will not need it for more than three weeks, tops. Traditional crane rentals may not have a crane by then, even though they have some now. So, you rent the crane for the full three months, and it sits to the side of the work site for the two months leading up the time when you need the crane. That is a lot of money for something you are not using!

Instead, you reserve the crane for an exact start and end date. Now you only pay for the use of the crane exactly when you need it. That is two months' worth of rental fees back in your pocket. It just makes better sense.

Reasons Why: You Never Have to Figure out Where to Put the Crane When It Is Not in Use

Renting a crane and not using it means you have to find someplace out of the way to put it until you do need it. Cranes are not small machines; they take up a lot of space you could use for something else. If you reserve the crane, it is only on the work site property for the exact days you need, and by the time you need it, you will have made space for it.