Considering Fiberglass Grating In Place Of Steel Or Other Metal

24 April 2018
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Steel is strong and durable over time. It will not burn,  and it is heavy enough to withstand impacts and other damage. While some of those things are positives, the fact that it will rust or corrode can be tough to work with because of the weight and needs to be painted and maintained over time, make it good but not great when you need grated floors or stairs. When you are looking for an optional material, you might want to consider fiberglass grating instead.

Why Consider Fiberglass Grating?

Fiberglass grating has started to become more common for many applications. The grating is made to withstand many different conditions and is made in many colors. Because it is not metal, it will not corrode and is resistant to fire and chemicals. And never needs to be painted. The fiberglass grids are available in many sizes and can be cut easily when it is being installed so making it fit where you need it is not a problem either.

Is Fiberglass Strong Enough?

Fiberglass grating can be made from several different resins, allowing you to tailor it to your needs. The strength it offers is comparable to that of steel but can be damaged if it is mistreated or installed improperly. The grid shape and size is also optional so take some time to talk with a representative from the manufacturer about your application and let them help you choose the best grate for your needs. If you need custom grating, you can talk to them about what can be done to make the panels you need, but with all the color and material options, they may already have what you need in stock.

Can Fiberglass Be Used With Steel?

In some cases, a steel stairway may have steps or treads that need to be replaced. If you want to keep the steel stringer in place and put fiberglass treads on the stairway, you can mount brackets to the supporting stringers to allow the fiberglass threads to be mounted in place of the old steel ones. If the staircase is welded together, it may have to be removed and replaced with new steel supports and fiberglass threads, creating an entirely new staircase that will last for many years.

Color and Maintenance

When you are putting down a grated floor or stairs, you may want to have a specific color for the grating. Tinting the fiberglass, when it is made, produces a grid that is the right color for your project but also will not fade or deteriorate over time. The color is never going to need to be touched up or the floor repainted but washing the floor with soap and water will keep it looking great.

For more information on molded fiberglass grating, contact your local product supplier.