3 Different Types Of Wire Mesh

1 October 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Wire mesh is used for a wide variety of different in industrial settings, such as for shifting and sorting through materials. There are lots of different industrial uses for wire mesh. Here are a few different types of wire mesh that you can use for industrial purposes.

High Carbon Steel Wire Mesh

This type of wire mesh is really popular for industrial applications. It is used for grading, crushing, shifting, sizing, and separating a wide variety of different materials. It is often used with materials such as stones, minerals, construction items, food and even ceramic. High carbon steel wire mesh is really strong and does not break or wear easily. This type of wire mesh is commonly used in waste management, water treatment facilities, coal mines, quarry, foundries, construction industry, and even the food processing industry.

This makes it a great material for working with more abrasive materials as well, such as gravel coal and ores.

High carbon steel wire mesh has a really strong construction that helps make it resistant to wear and tear. It is able to withstand high temperatures as well as corrosion. It is light weight, which makes it really portable.

High Carbon Screen Mesh

High carbon screen mesh is a different types of wire mess. This type of wire mesh can be crafted with a variety of different sizes of mesh openings that can be adjusted depending on the materials that you are working with.

It is often used in mining, construction, food, iron ore, cement, ceramic, and metallurgy. The setup means that it is usually used for sieving, filtering, and separating materials. Like its wire mesh counterpart, it is also resistant to corrosion and able to withstand a wide range of temperature. It also doesn't break down due to exposure to chemicals. It's a strong and dependable type of screen.

Sand Screen Wire Mesh

Sand screen wire mesh is for really fine materials. The exact size of the wire mesh openings can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. It is great for a wide variety of applications, such as screening, grading, separating, scalping, and washing fine materials. Sand screen wire mesh Is designed to not treat, rust, or get damaged by high temperatures. It is used for more fine-tuned applications and processes in a wide range of industries, from power plants to cement industry to the paper and pulp industry. A sand wire mesh screen is what you need when dealing with finer materials.