Choosing Grinding Fluids For Your In-Garage Metalworking Business

8 November 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


You just started a side hustle in your garage and plan on becoming an expert freelance metalworker for friends, family members, and anyone else willing to hire you. However, you mostly have experience working with dry grinding and aren't sure whether or not wet grinding is right for you. You should seriously consider wet grinding and the types of industrial grinding oils available for your needs.

Dry Grinding Isn't Always Smart 

Many metalworkers may specialize in dry grinding simply because it is easier to perform than wet grinding. For example, dry grinding doesn't require adding lubricant to the grinding surface. Beyond that, it is typically less expensive to start with dry grinding than it is with what.

However, there are many issues that are common with dry grinding that you just don't get with wet grinding. For example, if you are focusing on precision-based metalworking – such as personalized metal signs for your clients – you should seriously consider wet grinding over dry grinding. And before you get started grinding a single piece of metal, do your homework and find a grinding fluid that works for you.

Choosing The Best Coolant For Your Needs

If your precision in-garage metalwork needs a high-quality wet grinding tool, you need to choose a grinding fluid that works for your needs. For example, water-miscible fluids provide a well-lubricated and smooth surface that is easier for many small-time metalworkers to work on at first.

They are particularly useful for more precise work because they don't create as much of a heat transfer as other types of liquids. However, if you are planning on cutting deep holes or working heavily on a piece of metal – such as crafting custom-made car parts for friends or customers – you will need oil as a lubricating solution because it will manage the heat transfer more efficiently.

In many ways, the nature of your business will dictate what lubricating oils you get for your metalworking. However, it is usually quite smart to have multiple types of grinding fluids available for different types of jobs, especially if you ever plan on expanding to include multiple workers.

So if you ever plan on making your small in-garage metalworking operation something more than a weekend job, you should seriously consider talking to a grinding fluid provider. These professionals will work with you to find a fluid that meets your exacting needs and fit your specific metalworking focus.