How To Organize Your Crafting Supplies In A Professional Manner

29 December 2018
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At long last, you have the crafting room of your dreams! There is just one tiny problem left; how to keep all of the materials that are long and string-like organized. Try the following approaches, and you will find that they are most excellent for everything from foil to yarn to laces and ribbons to washi tape.

Collect Film Cores

Film cores are those cardboard or plastic hollow tubes used by manufacturers to wind up plastic wrap, aluminum foil, paper, etc. If you encounter these tubes in your home, you are most likely to find them after you use up toilet paper, paper towels, aluminum foil, and other kitchen or bathroom supplies. Save the cores, as long as they are sturdy and do not appear to crush quite easily. When you are setting up your craft room, pull out all of these film cores.

​Shorter Cores for Lesser or Narrower Supplies, Taller Cores for Wider or Greater Supplies

Now, you can pull out balls of crafting supplies and select the right size film cores for each type of crafting item. For example, maybe you have several quarter-inch or half-inch ribbons in multiple colors. Balls or loose piles of ribbon are easily wound around your smallest film cores. Next, wind one-inch lace or ribbons around your larger cores.

The mid-size cores are also good for stacking and storing several rolls of washi tape. Just slide the film core through the open middles of the washi tape spools and hang the film core vertically in your craft room. Now you can pull down any strip of washi tape from the roll without making a mess or having to cut the tape loose with one hand while trying to hold the spool in the other hand.

Use the longest cores for yarn or really wide bits of tape, lace, and/or ribbon. Rolls of different colored paper or cardstock can be hung like the washi tape too when you insert a smaller film core through the middles of the rolls of cardstock or paper. Hang it all horizontally on spinning racks for easy access.

​The Best Part about Using Film Cores for Organization

​The best part about using film cores to organize your craft room is that all of your supplies can be hung from the walls all around the room. You do not have to place these items in a drawer or cupboard. It is also easier to see what you have for supplies when they all hang on a film core and a set of dowels mounted to the walls.