Adding a Custom Truck Body to Your Work Truck to Accommodate Your Towing and Hauling Needs

10 June 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


When you use your truck daily for towing and hauling, you may want to make some changes to it that will make the job easier. Removing the bed from the truck and replacing it with one of several aluminum gooseneck bodies available for your make and model can make pulling these heavy trailers easier. 

Gooseneck Trailers

A gooseneck trailer offers more strength and stability on the road when loaded with equipment or material than most standard hitch trailers will. The gooseneck needs to attach to the truck over the rear axle, so in some cases, the truck bed that comes on your heavy-duty pickup can make it more challenging to connect the trailer to the truck and may limit the turning radius of the combination.

Replacing the truck bed is often the best way to ensure you have the clearance needed for the trailer. Many gooseneck truck bodies are manufactured that are a direct replacement for the stock truck body on your truck. Many of these custom bodies are made from aluminum because the metal is lightweight, durable, and allows you to use many different finishes on the body. 

Truck Bodies and Features

When looking at aluminum gooseneck bodies for your truck, you may want one that incorporates some storage space for tools and equipment to make carrying some essentials easier. Chains, blocks, and straps can all be put in the storage boxes so that you have what you need to secure the load you are hauling. Many times, the compartments are built into the sides of the truck body to ensure everything is out of your way but easily reachable when needed.

Other custom bodies may not have any sides but instead concentrate on maximizing the mobility of the truck and trailer so you can turn very sharp without worrying about the gooseneck hitting the truck body as it turns. While there are some limits to have tight you should turn your trailer, the body will not be the limiting factor with these specialty aluminum gooseneck bodies.

Painted or Raw

When you are using an aluminum body on your truck, you can choose to paint it to match the truck. Still, aluminum gooseneck bodies are naturally resistant to corrosion, so if you want to leave it raw aluminum, you have that option. Coating the bed with a sealer is a good idea if you are not painting it because it will help reduce scratches and stains on the metals as you use it.

Talk to the manufacturer about the coating options for your new truck body when you order it. Often paint, powder coat, and other treatments are available, and most can be custom tinted to match the vehicle color, so the body looks like it came on the truck from the factory.